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Dave Waier

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Mr. Dave Waier
Desert Busters Pest Service
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Peoria, AZ 85385

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Dave Waier

Desert Busters Pest Service
Chapter: BNI Arrowhead Legends

Pest Control

My BusinessThese days, pests are a common problem in all offices and homes. Damage to property, area contamination and serious diseases are a few of the major problems associated with various pests.

Scorpions, Bees, Rodents, and Termites are the most common pests. We do Weed control too.

Pest Control is a challenging task and Desertbuster Pest Service is committed to offer you one of the most effective and efficient pest management programs. While working with us, you can have all the advantages of a service provider on a large-scale with the consideration and courtesy of a family owned business. The services we offer are designed to facilitate a large range of clients – from small homes to large commercial properties. Call Desertbuster Pest Service.

My Favorite BNI StoryOne of my clients called for a termite treatment. He has a home based business and is very organized with his paperwork, receipts, etc. He had notebooks full of paper for his record keeping. Those notebooks were placed in cardboard storage boxes. There were lots of them - maybe 12 boxes in total, placed in a closet for storage. What do termites like? Soft Paper. Termites will delve deeper into your home to get at paper instead of the harder studs in the walls. Yum ... card board boxes too. When I got there it was a mess. A total infestation. None of the paper records could be salvaged. They had to immediately go to the dump to get rid of the live termite infestation still inside the boxes. The floor trim had to go too. Once all that was cleaned up, I was ready to do the termite treatment - inside and out. While outside, digging a trench against the foundation I came across a HUGE scorpion. Wasn't expecting that and I quickly killed it. Then I had the after thought - oh .. I should have gotten a picture.

My Ideal Referral PartnerRealtor, Handyman, housecleaner, plumber, HVAC company, Painter.