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Phil Guinouard

Chapter: BNI Biltmore Power

Health and Wellness, Nutrition

My BusinessHealth & Wellness. My niche is nutrition, helping the average person lose weight & get healthier, to endurance athletes improving their performance. My second niche is the impact toxins have on your health at the unseen long term level. I love working with individuals and families. Our founding axiom is "Exceptional Products At Reasonable Prices".

Ideal ReferralType A people looking to improve their health to increase their success in life.

Top ProductAccess- Fat Metabolism bar.

Top Problem SolvedFeeling tired and a loss of Vitality in life.

My Favorite BNI StoryI am so happy to announce that in 3 months time my pancreas is producing more insulin. My HBA1C isn't different. But that wasn't really my goal. My goal has been my pancreas to be healed, so that I can start getting off insulin. And the Melaleuca has done it! I am still taking long acting. I am doing the Metabolic health bundle on the site. I actually am mixing the fiberwise (Sugar free orange), with 2 scoops of GC control (vanilla) every morning. My diet has become fish, vegetables, nuts, and soy beans. When I need to, I eat raisins to raise my sugars up. I am also walking more. Right now my daily goal is 6000 steps, but soon I plan to increase it to 7000, and keep going until it is finally 10000. I have lost weight, but I was already making those changes. before I started Melaluca. And I will tell you, after I got the good news, I have stopped eating sugary sweets all together. I want to get off insulin, so I can get my CDL. I am very motivated. But the real proof is, my levels. My pancreatic levels were at 1.4, 3 months ago. This past week I was told I am up to a 2.0. I can provide lab results as further proof. But this is my personal testamony for the Melaleuca. Please use as you need. I want the courage to thank them personally, but I do not really know how to tell them. And I am not sure I can present it in the professional way that would be required. Thank you for this!

My Ideal Referral PartnerChiropractors, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Health Insurance Agents